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I suck.

Here I am, talking up this big, “HEY GUYS TOUR DIARY!!!”…. Then.. Nothing.

Well, my computer wasn’t working till recently, so there’s that. Plus I like sleep. And I enjoy getting paid for doing nothing but play guitar. Can you blame me?

But enough with that. There’s so much to tell you guys. We just began our run in Canada and oh man these last two days have been awesome. Vancouver was insane (as usual), and aside from the crappy phone service, the guy slamming heroin outside our bus door and a crazy crackhead lady forcing herself onto the bus, things went pretty smooth.


Yesterday was our day off in Jasper. Unbelievable scenery..

Of course, then we had to meditate.

Anyhooo, tonight we destroy Edmonton. Sold out show at Starlite Room. Should be a hum-dinger!

So long from Tim Horton’s.